holiday gift guide: designwali

Sundeep from Designwali shares her top holiday wishlist/gift picks:
1. Temple Bell: I love the earthy feel of this piece and think it will look perfect in my home…somewhere. Also, I think it would come in handy when I need to call my kids.
2. Green Sequin Dress with Long Sleeve: Sparkles just makes you FEEL good. When I get bored of it as a dress I would just turn it into an Indian pajami suit.
3. The Vault Jewels Becky bracelet: Yep, I have a thing for black & gold and this piece is created by a local Toronto talent. My wrist deserves this….it really does.
4. Tom Dixon Etch Candle: I’m not even a candle lighting type of gal…but this gorgeous piece would make me sing Happy Birthday every single day.
5. Hand carved wood textile India Paisley Block stamp: Sure, I have only ever DIY’ed like ONCE in my entire life, but I bet if I get this baby I could block stamp the bejeezus out of the random canvas that has been sitting in my basement for over 3 years. Maybe. Besides, if I never stamp anything…it would look cool on my desk.
6. Drawing of my kids: I’m craving a line drawing lately…and Kim from Inspired Linescreates some amazing pieces. Seriously, I’m THIS close to hitting the ‘purchase’ button.
7. HBC Point Blanket: This is Canadiana through and through…and I want my kids to fight over it as an heirloom piece in the future. Sure its likely to be itchy, but it would look killer in my son’s room.
8. The black and gold enamel Hermes H braclet: I WOULD JUST DIE.



  1. Hi Manvi,

    Just found your blog via Sundeep. It’s lovely. So happy to have found you…and I can vouch for number 6 in Sundeeps’ list ; )


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