Since moving to our casa, nearly three and a half years ago, I have been dying to add wallpaper to at least one wall in many of the rooms. What can I say, flat paint everywhere is just not my style.. my walls are begging for more oomph, glamor and personality!!

Countless samples and rolls later I have yet to finalize my choices…..And seeing new prints pop up literally every day, makes even harder to narrow down my options. For now I am loving the look of these….



Happy new week to you friends.


images: via designsponge, houzz, lalalovelythings, atouchofluxe and theglamourai


  1. I love the drama in thge bathrooms.. and yes i agree abt the colr restritiction.. sometimes its just easier to add another layer of texture through wallpaper.. but i love your picks.. picked out a wallpaper for te tv panel myself.. i am rethinking my options..

  2. Very inspiring! and awesome display. i personally loved the chalkboard one.
    Its really nice to read your posts every week, gets you out of your daily work and encourages to create new things.

  3. Yes yes yes! Go for it!
    I love a feature wall and pattern adds so much personality and edge.
    Given the investment of a good wallpaper I would go with something you are likely to enjoy for a long period of time. I mean, it’s not like wall paint that you can easily change on a whim if you grow tired of it.

    Though they are all wonderful (you have a great eye darling) my shortlist would be no 3 (chevrons), no 5 (peacocks – love) or 6 (gold on blue). All yummy and fun!

    The higher the number of colours in the pattern the more restricted you will feel in decorating the room. I am a firm believer in a ‘steady base note’ in order to let the detail in the decor bounce off. But that’s me..and I am Scandinavian after all.. 🙂

    Hugs to you lovely.

    xx C

  4. So much fun wallpaper and can transform a room to create whatever mood theme ambiance you are looking for…….personally adore the peacocks so sexy!!

  5. love the newspaper one! what about the flying zebras from scalamandre or chiang mai dragon/ birds and butterflies from schumacher? or the fornasetti wallpaper that i think kravet sells??


  6. Wallpapers suits well but you have to match them with colours, textiles and furnitures. I like second and third ones but depending on your style and the room.

  7. As I scrolled down I kept falling for a new paper but I think I’ve narrowed down my top three: 1) Origami birds, newspaper bathroom and blue chevron!

    P.S. Defo go for it with the wallpaper! xo

  8. Yeah! Wall paper can make such an impact. (Love the last one – both modern and timeless). I hung my own (the one with the books) and I am pretty good at it, if I may so. See, one more reason for me to pop over! (:

    Flying to Sweden in the next couple of weeks. Will call before I leave.



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