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Plugging away in the studio, putting the finishing touches on a couple of entertaining pieces and articles, my thoughts keep dragging me to a work space less chaotic than mine. When I have projects back-to-back props, china, glassware, craft supplies, fabric + wallpaper rolls, paint and glitter are everywhere…As much as I wish it didnt get that way, this is the nature of  my work and comes with the territory… Though, one of these days I need to sort through stuff that keeps accumulating project after project…I might just have to have find new homes for some of my stuff…Prop sale anyone?

A pool lounge {like one below} right outside my studio would be SO FAB! Just think! Totally ideal for breakfasts/ mid-day breaks/sketchs and plans for projects/lunches with clients/ laps after work and dinner dates with hubby..

ps: did i mention that an awesome Bikram (hot) yoga studio recently opened RIGHT by my house.. YAY!! I just love how engerized I feel after one of their 90 min sessions.




  1. A prop sale is a great idea. Unless of course you can add a shed or prop room to your house, because I find that often I can find new uses for a lot of the material I accumulate for a particular project.
    A wall paper easily becomes a great liner for a drawer, or wrapping paper for a gift. Glitter used for spraying props can be stored away for new ‘sparkle ideas’ etc. etc

    So happy to see you are kept busy with the things that you love. I am hanging for that update darling. Do write me..

    xx C

  2. Glad to see my office among your inspiring offices. Thank you!
    I will join Will and come to your prop sale – I´m sure it´s a lot of goodies! 🙂

    Have a wonderful day
    Nina x

  3. If you’re having a prop sale then I’m on the next flight over! 😉

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