Color Crush: Minty Pleasures

Recently, I worked on an event for a client and decided on a mint and cognac color combo for the look. I just love how mint freshens up a room or outfit, making it ideal as a transitional color into Spring.

Mint pairs naturally with neutrals, and blush. Mint and coral = YAWN. For a more modern look, pair it with black/white, or gold/white stripes.

Personally, I am loving mint paired with bolder bright colors from the same shade family. My top pick? Mint and cobalt.

Minty throw on a cobalt chair, mint belt or clutch with a cobalt dress, or mint drapes for a cobalt room, cobalt laces on mint tom toms, possibilities with this dynamic duo are endless..

What are you pairing mint with?





spring in the air

A little fashion post inspired by the few days of GORGEOUS sunny warmer weather we have been fortunate enough to have lately. The mix of patterns and colors in these pics and have me eagerly awaiting Spring. I cant wait to slip in to outfits in lighter softer pastels.

Such as this sexy lace top paired with a sage pencil skirt and leather wrap-around belt.

And this lace tip with coral zigzag skirt with pockets (always a winner in my book).

Totally lusting for the these two dresses by Chloe.

And this kimono-style top…oh! dont miss that FAB clutch!

And this adorable bow top!!