Three oh-so-lovely DIYs

Sorry for the lack of posts friends. Some unexpected issues with my site dug into my blogging time. With a full schedule of tablescaping projects, digital marketing consultancy, and social commitments it has been difficult to find the inspiration for posts. Also, I noticed that nearly everything I have been wanting to blog about is all over Pinterest already. With that said, I did spot these fun DIY ideas over at Jordans’s Oh Happy Day! and Danni’s oh, hello friend that I just had to share with you. Creative ideas like these is what makes me LOVE the blogging community so much.

DIY confetti tablecloth: Adorb overload!!

Click here for instructions

DIY business cards: Original and too cute for words!

Click here for instructions

DIY gold triangle 99 cent mug : Great for last minute gifts or parties.

Click here for instructions

images: oh happy day and oh, hello friend





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