Striped up

A huge lover of stripes, I am loving how this graphic pattern is all over design world, lately. From dress, design, decor, stationery, tabletop and even food, stripes are everywhere! While black and white stripes are a classic, I am totally digging navy and white too. My take on this chic graphic trend? Add a splash of gold to the mix.



  1. So many fab stripes here! Love the striped dress and the rug especially 🙂

  2. Hi darling!

    I adore stripes and go weak at the sight of black/white ones in decor and design. Needless to say this post is right up my Swedish alley – so many great examples and inspiration.
    Loving the black/white striped sofas and those little side tables (do you know who they are by?).

    In dress I really like French stripes and right now the stores are flooding with them. Bright orange/white, electric blue/white, apple green/white.. sigh I want to have one of each for lazy Summer days!

    Hope you are well darling. It’s been ages since we last caught up.

    Lots of hugs from Sweden
    xx Charlotta

  3. That shower design and the striped decor in the hallway are an excellent use of this simple and effective style technique. It makes me want to redecorate my hallway and bathroom now. Stripes in fashion work well too (so I am told by my other half) but only vertically for that slimming effect 🙂

  4. Have been in love with stripes too lately! Very Classic and Chic

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