hello monday + decorating stats in UK

Happy new week friends. Trust you had a fantastic weekend. I spent mine crafting pieces for my next Bright.Bazaar tablescape and an exciting feature for hgtv.com. Cant WAIT to share these looks with you. Despite being busy with work, I did make time for a little fun. Went shopping for tablescapes, enjoyed cocktails on the waterfront and on my rooftop with friends, and caught up on some of my favorite shelter mags.

Loved this display at Anthropologie made with dip-dyed plant grow pots.

As a special treat I took Dexter for frozen-yo. (You know how much I love spoiling my puppy) 

Can you tell how excited he was? The look in his eyes is priceless! I DIE!!

To start this week, I wanted to share an interesting stats about decorating behavior of men and women in the UK. I get many emails asking about trends and stats such as this so I am pleased to finally have some good info to share on this.



A new survey in the UK has revealed that men are more likely to take time off from work to decorate, despite women making the decorating decisions. A nationwide survey conducted by online interior specialist Wayfair has found that over half of those who admitted to taking more than a week off work to decorate their homes were men. Gentlemen in the UK, is this true?

The research, which involved almost 800 respondents from across the UK, also found that 48 per cent of women make home decorating decisions as opposed to only 26 per cent of men.

Further findings include 66 per cent of people are looking online to purchase items for the home, with the majority of these between 18 to 24 years old. The average spend in the first month of moving into a property is between £1,000 and £3,000 while those aged 35 to 44 are more likely to spend up to £5,000 in the first month.Owners of a home are more likely to take time off from work than those who rent.

It also revealed that older age groups not only spent more in the first month but that they prefer new furniture as opposed to second-hand. 63 per cent of people over the age of 55 buy new as opposed to just 36 per cent of those aged 18 to 25.

The priority of rooms was also highlighted in the survey with the kitchen rated as the most important room to decorate while the dining room and hallway are the lowest on the list of priorities.

John Kennedy, managing director at Wayfair UK said ”It’s interesting to note the commitment that people show to improving their homes. When you consider the difficult economic climate we are currently experiencing, I think it just goes to show how much value people place on having a happy and comfortable home from which to have their lives.”

A more detailed info-graphic highlighting these trends can be found here.

I always find it helpful to know this sort of information and hope to continue sharing such stats with you in the future. With two photoshoots and a trip to San Francisco to celebrate my sister’s birthday, this is going to be one packed week for me. I wish you a happy, powerful and productive week ahead.



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  1. I would’ve never thought men to take more time off to decorate then women! That was so interesting!
    By the way, the pup is just adorable!

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