Creating an inspiring kitchen

 Guest post by Daniela Buxton

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the effect our kitchen décor has on our guests when we entertain. We all know that colours can affect the mood, and that a tidy home is said to equal a tidy mind, but what do we need to do to ensure our guests feel as relaxed and comfortable, yet upbeat as we’d like them too?

I think the most important thing is the style and colour scheme of your kitchen, as this forms the base pallet for your furnishings and table settings, and can even influence the food you serve and the type of entertainment you provide. After all, I’m sure you’re less likely to be inspired to serve up a hearty country stew in an uber-modern kitchen than in a room styled like a country farmhouse!

The best way to ignite guests’ interest and imagination is with colour, and the latest way to introduce not just a pop of colour, but a veritable fizzy drink full of so many different pops of colour your kitchen becomes an explosion of rainbow shades, is with tiles. Take inspiration from these images of Moroccan-inspired cement tiles then head to a retailer such as The Tile Depot, where mosaic tiles in all different styles and colours can take your kitchen from drab to fab. Next just pick out certain shades from the collage and echo them in kitchenware and furnishings. As I said before, you might want to coordinate your table dressings, but with a multi-coloured room there are no limits!

Another factor that could influence your guests’ enjoyment of your home is clutter. You want them to feel like you have room for them; not like you’re just cramming them in among the pots and pans! To make the most of your kitchen space, make the dining table as much a central feature as possible and allow a clear space around it. Mount shelves above kitchen units to extend your useable space upwards instead of outwards. It’s OK to have food items on display; just place pasta, flour and rice in attractive jars. With your new vibrant kitchen you don’t need to match colours, but similar styles do give a neat and tidy finish.


  1. In this post I noticed one thing that all the living room furniture is looking beautiful and I would say that this information is very informative also. I love it all.

  2. Yes it’s true, the kitchen is often the focal point of many a dining party so it is essential to get this focal point spot on in terms of vibrancy and furniture lay out. Love the pics, nice inspiring designs!

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