feeling fuscia

Totally random and unplanned, I was feeling inspired by fuscia all day. Not intentionally, but one of those things that just randomly happen and then make you wonder. Without really thinking about it and seemingly unrelated, I pulled an oldie-but-goodie fuscia dress from the back of my closet to outfit myself in, grabbed a bunch of fuscia roses from the market while running errands; arranging them in a lovely white vase, and later found myself organizing paperwork in a fuscia box.

Didnt give it much thought until after I opened an email introducing these GORGEOUS fuscia chevron notecards.

And then just like that I saw fuscia everywhere! Party decor, interiors, fashion, nails and lips, book covers, shoes, art..even my local starbucks was giving away drink samplers in fuscia. Bizzarre right? Ever happen to anyone of you?  Do you ever wake up and feel strongly drawn to a color and let it inspire your day?

ps: my latest tablescape for Bright.Bazaar is up. We are going nautical. Jump on board!

pps: a peek at my weekend; relaxing hike in rock creek park with Dexter.

This lil guy takes my breath away and fills my heart with so much love.

images: here | here | manvi


  1. Echoing Mona above – this dress is to die for! Where is it from?

  2. Hi Manvi,

    I was wondering if you could tell me where is this Pink Dress from (the one right at the top).
    Absolutely in love with it.

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