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Putting together this guest post has me wanting to crawl back into bed! Whether you are in the process of a bedroom makeover or not, these beautiful bedrooms are sure to get you in the mood for one!

Sprucing up your bedroom doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive; with just a few well-chosen enhancements you could give your boudoir a whole new look.

One of the most important factors to consider when planning your bedroom is the bed.  This is the biggest piece of furniture in the room and can set the tone and mood for other furnishings. Whether you go for a sleigh bed, a painted wooden bed, something with storage or a luxurious king-size, comfort is key. For those in the UK, you’ll find a great selection of beds at

Next, plan out a color palette that you feel relaxed and comfortable with. Remember, this is a space to relax and unwind, so bold reds and orange walls might not work too well. Instead, use these colors in smaller pieces such as accent pillows or throws.

Canopy beds or drapes around the bed not only create a luxurious feel, but also keep the bright daylight out for late sleepers.

Layering the bed with soft bedding in graphic patterns adds visual interest and inviting feel to the room.

Art pieces on walls livens the space. Hang a large piece above the bed or a few pieces above the nightstands. Nightstands with drawers hide  essential bedside items and keep the surface looking clutter-free. Remember, clutter is a major hinderance to relaxation.

images: via house beautiful | lonny | Elle Decor | desire to inspire | bd interiors
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  1. I am currently in the middle of my own bedroom make over and have been scouring the web for inspiration and came across this article. Particularly like the second to last image…chic and stylish!

  2. Hello Manvi,

    Although I’m honored that you chose two of our images, I noticed that you are not providing clear designer credits.

    We all work hard on these projects and receiving proper credit is something that as a designer yourself I hope you can appreciate.

    All the best,
    Benjamin Dhong

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