1. Tom

    Yeey, 4 years! Happy Birthday. :)

    How I would use Lightroom? I would finally start designing my own calender. Doesn’t that sound convincing? :D

  2. Kristen Pierce

    I’ve been stockpiling my favorite images from your sight for years for inspiration for someday when I’m a homeowner. Thank you for four wonderful years, thus far! As an amateur photographer, I just self-published a coffee table book titled Hoboken Dogs (you can view it on blurb.com) that features over 150 of the dogs in my city of Hoboken, NJ in recognizable places around town. The book and the dog prints have been a big hit, but I need Lightroom to speed up my workflow as I begin work on a book for the next town – Telluride, Colorado. I think an interesting coffee table book can really make a room feel welcoming, don’t you?

  3. Sam W

    Happy Birthday! I would love to apply some of the cool effects of lightroom to my photography

  4. Rutvik

    Happy Fourth!! Light Room would resolve the headache that is Bridge, using it would help streamline my work flow which as a newbie with a camera is a very important lesson to learn.
    Thank you!

  5. Nishtha

    Four years rock! Thanks for the inspiration flowing these many posts.
    About the giveaway, my son just turned five and we have the travel bug is biting us big time. And pictures would help us keep those travel memories for a long, long time. What better way to enhance this pictures than through this software.
    Keeping my fingers crossed!

  6. Taylor C

    Happy 4th Birthday Mochatini!!! :) This is an oh so lovely giveaway!! I recently just took a few photography classes to learn how to better use my DSLR that I bought after working for it all last summer! I would love some awesome editing software and have a great place to publish and share my photos! This would be an amazing giveaway to win!!

  7. Clara

    Happy birthday! I love this giveaway! It would make my blog photos look so much nicer, also it would be really exciting to learn how to use Lightroom!

  8. Lauren C.T.

    Happy birthday Mochatini! What an amazing giveaway! I am an avid amateur photographer and I adore my DSL. Lightroom would be an incredible thing to add to my arsenal.

  9. Staci A

    Happy 4 years! I bought my first DSLR last year and am still learning on it. But I would love to use Lightroom to edit our family photos!

  10. neha

    Congrats Mochatini on your 4th year of sharing design and inspiration with the virtual world! My husband and I just upgraded to a new DSLR and looking forward to taking some great pics. With endless pics also comes the process of editing and managing them. I am sure the Adobe Lightroom will help us in that area.

  11. Anu@MyDreamCanvas

    Congrats on turning four!! What an awesome Giveaway. Please count me in. I have been eyeing the Lightroom for a while and would absolutely love it. I love taking pictures both personal and for my blog so this would be perfect. I would love for you to stop by My Dream Canvas.

  12. Michelle Miller

    I would use Lightroom to make my photo editing process simpler. I have a DSLR and always put off editing my photos. It would be great to have such a helpful product so I can share and post photos with friends!

  13. Meenakshi

    Hearty Congrats Mochatini on turning 4!!!I gifted my husband a DSLR for his birthday & yes, he loves it!!Photography is his favourite hobby & he loves to experiment with anything associated with it!!count me in for this amazing giveaway!!!

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