Happy Friday! My days have been so tied up lately that I’m kinda finding it hard to accept that Thanksgiving is only 6 days away! What are your plans? Are you hosting? If you are, keep an eye out for my next post on entertaining.

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  1. My most memorable holiday evnets were the caroling parties my friend would hold annually. Returning to her house to the warmth of homemade hot chocolate was one of the highlights.

  2. It was my first Christmas party with my partner’s family – it was the first time I’d met most of them and I was bombarded with what seemed like dozens of relatives at once! 🙂 It was very full-on, but everybody welcomed me. Things certainly got interesting as the beer flowed too – plenty of gibberish and nausea. :S

  3. My most memorable holiday party was my neighbor’s ugly sweater party last year!

  4. My favorite holiday party experience was the first time I hosted Christmas for my family. I was young, and the food was bad (I made Christmas baked ziti), but we had a great time!

  5. (don’t know if my first comment got through – I’ll try again? since I forgot to add my twitter link in the first comment anyway)

    most memorable holiday party is the the NYE party that I got to spend with my boyfriend for the first time and because I finally got a NYE kiss at midnight!


    thank you!

  6. my most memorable holiday party was back a few years on a NYEs when I actually got to celebrate it with my boyfriend and I finally got a NYE kiss at midnight! 😉

  7. My most memorable holiday party experience is when I decided I was going to wear heels to the New Year’s party although I was very well aware that I am a clumsy person. I ended up toppling over trying balance myself in a crowded room. But it didn’t stop there. I tripped on my own feet while trying to walk up the stairs. I wasn’t used to the height difference. Ha ha

  8. Party a friend’s parents had for us when we were in college-all our friends and parents were invited.

  9. One of the best parties I’ve attended was the one when my husband and I had first started dating—we danced the whole night, saw the sun rise and had our morning chai together. . 🙂

  10. my most memorable holiday party experience was when i, being the wallflower, decided to play with the hostess’s tabby cat instead of socializing with the other children my age–and ended up sneezing, because i found out i was allergic to cats. needless to say, i got to leave early. 🙂
    thank you so much for the giveaway!

  11. My most memorable holiday party was just most memorable because it was one where all my closest friends were together. All of us go to different universities (in different provinces in Canada) so last year (after 2 years of not seeing each other), we put in all our efforts to go to this party together. Needless to say, we were inseparable at that party because we wanted to catch up with each other too!


    Thank you!

  12. My most memorable holiday party experience was when my friends surprised everyone by getting married at the party!

  13. My most memorable celebration was five years ago with my university friends. We had graduated the summer before, and everybody was about to leave the town and go their separate way. It was our last party together. We were really close, they were like a family for me. And it was such a wonderful celebration, full of warmth, and laughter, and dancing, and singing. I was trying hard as I might to save each second somewhere in my heart, and now when I close my eyes I still can see my friends’ smiles perfectly clear. 🙂

  14. My most memorable holiday party experience was the year with my husband and his family. It was the first year of our marriage and we had so much fun walking on Robson street, Vancouver coming back home and then waking up early on boxing day to shop!

  15. My most memorable was during the year I spent in Japan because Christmas was still celebrated, but there were so many fun differences and celebrating with fellow Americans really eased my homesickness.

  16. My most memorable holiday party experience is when I won a $100 shopbop gift card to buy some amazing outfit to seduce my new boyfriend!

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