Welcome to Mochatini Jessica Caso

I am so excited to introduce the newest addition to the Mochatini style team. Meet Jessica Caso. Jessica and I had the pleasure of working together at a hgtv.com shoot recently and I loved her creativity, her eye for composition and her talent for photography. In her own words, here is Jessica.

My name is Jessica and I am a DC area photographer specializing in family & children photography. My interest in photography began as a child but my love for it didn’t begin until I lived in Paris. I wanted  to capture Paris the way I saw it, or wanted to see it. Some of my favorite shots are early ones of Paris, when I really had no idea what I was doing but I loved doing it anyways.  I now live in Falls Church, VA with my husband and three kids, who have taught me to always keep my finger on the (camera) trigger, since you never know when the next great shot is about to happen.

Jessica and I cant wait to share what we have been upto recently… so stay tuned my friends.


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