DIY{decor} Nail & String Art

I love giving handmade gifts. My sister was married in September of this year and I wanted to give her a gift that would celebrate that very special day for her and her new husband.  I have seen these nail & string art projects popping up all over Pinterest and selling on Etsy and decided to take on this project.  Below I will give you a step by step to make your own nail & string art.  Do you have a DIY: decor project that you would like to share?  Send me a link in the comments below.
 – jessica
1.  what you will need:
board or piece of wood
map or design of your choice
nails (larger for the outline and a smaller set for the heart)
string, twine or yarn  (I used cotton twine)
spray paint (optional)
Before starting I spray painted my wood board grey.  (One of my sisters’ wedding colors) and let dry overnight.
2.  tape your map to your board
3.  start with the bigger nails and outline your state making sure the space them evenly.  If you mess up, don’t worry, remove the nail and fill your hole with wood putty (if you are using an unpainted board) or for a super easy fix on a painted board, fill the hole with a bit of white toothpaste and re-paint.  Remove your map by tearing around the nails.  Use your tweezers to remove any pieces that get stuck around the nails.
4.  tie your string around one of your nails leaving enough excess to tie off the end once you make your way around.  Wrap the twine around each outer nail once and then double up on the heart since you will not have an even number of “heart nails” as “outline nails”.  Once you have made your way around, tie the end pieces together and snip off the excess.
5.  I added my sisters wedding date to the heart using a fine tip Sharpie.
Et Voila, a personalized gift in under 1.5 hours and total cost under $20.page28