Two Thousand Thirteen | Sparkle + Shine

Deciding what the first blog post of the year should be about is hard.



What should this first entry of a brand new year be about? Resolutions? Words that define my goals for the year? Something about fresh starts? A few uplifting messages? My hopes and dreams??


What if I am not ready for a blog entry to decide the direction/mood/style I want for Mochatini in 2013? So, after much deliberation, I decided a mashup of all the above.


Sparkle + Shine – the words I repeat to myself when things get tough.

Don’t settle for less – my resolution for 2013

Make. Do. See. Feel. Learn

Finish the two very important to me (secret for now) projects I am working on but have been too afraid to take the next steps on.

Surround myself with people who believe in me and avoid trying to please everyone.

Last but not least, sleep in less and workout more.


Here’s to a fabulous and happy year together. xo






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