Small Spaces, Big Impact

We all know spring is a time to refresh not only yourself but your home. But when you live in a smaller space it can be challenging to make a big impression. Lonny Magazine has just the thing to make sure your small space spring makeover will have you feeling renewed all year long.

Statement Lighting

Draw the eye up and dazzle with large pendant lighting and mirrors (via)

Christie Brophy, web editor at told us “People are often timid when decorating a small space and try to avoid overwhelming it with bold decorating choices. But by taking advantage of vertical space and playing with scale, you can fill your home with well-crafted interiors, regardless of its size”. Here are some photos of my favorite techniques:

Streamline Bedroom Furniture

Clearing the floor of lamps in favor of hanging or wall sconces (via)

Using dark colors to enhance the depth of your space (via)

Using dark colors to enhance the depth of your space (via)

Clearing valuable floor space of smaller pieces that clutter and replacing them with bigger furniture that creates the right balance in the space, are just the tips most of us miss when decorating. For more big ideas on small spaces visit Lonny.