Putting together a color palette for your new home can be so intimidating ( ok, fine, flat out terrifying for the most indecisive of us.)

It can also be empowering to select all of the amazing, gorgeous details of your space. Maximize this beautiful form of self-expression and creativity by being inspired, motivated and decisive. The most brilliant home owners (or renters making it their own!) realize that things can always be changed if and when the spirit moves you.  Most agonize–at least a bit–over the initial choices, especially those doing it for the fist time!
Here are some tips on the best ways to arrive at paint selections you will be happy with:
1. Find a piece of inspiration
Perhaps it’s a unique canvas, a bold fabric; maybe its your bedding or even a lamp or pillow. Find a piece that moves you and it will dictate the feel for the colors of that room.
be influenced by bold

be influenced by bold

2. Do your homework
Scour all of the amazing Internet resources like Pinterest, Houzz and (hello?!) Mochatini for all the ideas you’ll ever need. Start your search with the influence of your inspiration piece and you’ll find tons of color schemes and combinations.
they got it right!

they got it right!

3. Go to the paint store
Believe it. The colors are so much more alive on a swatch. Also, the light boxes help to show you just how the colors will translate inside your bright, new house. (PS-you can also buy samples of your potential paint color to try out if you’re already living where you’re painting.)
oh, the choices!
4. Have FUN!
Mix, match, enjoy! Have fun on the adventure of decorating your home. Think outside the box…accent walls, textures and stenciling are all incredible ways to feature gorgeous paint detail! Although initially it may feel like an overwhelming challenge, you don’t have to be scared of a ‘mistake.’ Paint is not permanent, so take pleasure in the process.
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  1. It’s funny how nerve-wracking these paint decisions can be but 9 out of 10 times I’m tickled with the results.

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