Wake me up when its all over

A sun-loving, beach-bum tropical gal in me has nothing love to about this damp cooold- wind-chills-below-freezing-weather. The skin burns from the 60plus mile wind is far more painful than any sunburn I have ever experienced. I pretty much live in my ski-jacket, and have debated wearing ski pants to work.

bedroom-accentart rue-mad-nicolechen-bedroom-mochatini ruemad-bedroom-zen-mochatini

Except, one thing.

04-23-13-whyitworks-darkhues-2 lonny-goldmural-bedroom-mochatini rue-pinterst-canopybed-mochatini

It gives me the biggest reason to spend more time at home. More time to snuggle up with my pup, curl up in warm comfy bedding, read a book (ok, that’s a lie), watch back-to-back movies, and sip cider. Even organize my bedroom, plan to get new pillows and sheets, put away the mountains of clothes piled up on the chair, use my dyson more frequently, (like, everyday), possibly invest in a better memory foam mattress to help with my back pain, turn up the zen feel in my bedroom and turn into a winter-hibernation cave.

lonny-art-bedroo-mochatini peacockpavillions-maryam-mochatini

Or something like that.

So, it turns out, staying in does have its benefits. One for silver linings playbook? I think yes!

ps: Happy 2014!!

images: Rue mag and Lonny. last image is of a bedroom in morocco. a boutique hotel, peacock pavillions, in marrakech by maryam