Pack Breakables With Plastic Food Wrap

As some of you may know I moved into my own condo last year. While packing my dishes and glassware, I ran out of packing tape. Since it was nearly 2AM and no store near me was open. I wanted to continue packing so I started scavenging through drawers, closets and kitchen cabinets in hopes to find a roll of pacing tape. I was about to give up when noticed the 8 rolls of plastic food wrap that I bought a while back from costco but had hardly ever used.

Staring at the rolls I had an “idea!” moment where I thought of using plastic wrap instead of tape to pack. It not only worked great, but made me wonder why I hadn’t been doing this all along. In a few hours I had wrapped breakables like plates, glasses, vases, candlesticks, spices, and even used it to protect clothes that had beads and sequin in shrink-wrap-style. It even made items fit in boxes better and I ended up saving tons of money.

Plastic Wrap for packing

Here are a few pics to illustrate how you can use plastic wrap to pack for a move.


IMG_5323 IMG_5324 IMG_5328

Have you stretched plastic wrap beyond the kitchen for similar uses? Would love to know!