how to choose the right bed for your room

Feng Shui suggests we all have preferred sleep directions that are determined by the place in which we were born. Eastern individuals should sleep facing north, south, east or southeast, and Western individuals should sleep facing west, northwest, southwest or northeast. According to the philosophy an Eastern Western couple should sleep in the direction of the most important member of the couple, so who decides?



Vastu Shastra, an Indian philosophy, suggests that the human body is a magnet and individuals should sleep with their head facing south so the head represents the north pole therefore lining up our magnetic field with that of the planet. The next preferred sleeping directions are east then west if your room doesn’t allow northto south.

If you and your partner have chosen the position of your bed, the next step is choosing a bed that fits perfectly into your space. A great place to look at is who offer thousands of beds and accessories to compliment your room. A spacious room may accommodate one of the Harmony king sized beds, whereas smaller rooms may opt for Divan beds, which are made to squeeze into smaller spaces making the Eastern philosophies really simple to follow in any room.

Feng Shui teaches that comfort and balanced energies will aid to a perfect night’s sleep.

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