#Shelfie Goals

Thanks, Pop Sugar Home for sharing this uh-some round-up of beautifully organized #shelfies on Huffington Post.  Reminds me of how desperately my bookcases are in need for clutter rehab. Perhaps, I should host a  shelfie+ wine party to help me with my home organizing goals.


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Eclectic Living Rooms

The original plan for today’s post was outdoor living rooms but its been raining nearly non-stop for weeks in DC so the last thing I want to do is to be outside. These living rooms kinda make up for the lack of sunshine, not really, but they do make staying in a little fun!


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Elevate Your Art Collection with Unusual Pieces and Displays

Creating collages of art works is an opportunity to let your imagination take over. An opportunity to let your personal style shine, while allowing  the art dictate the display.

artwall-mochatini1Don’t be shy about mixing different styles, frames, and mediums. The wall is your canvas. Im always on the hunt for new textures, techniques, framing options, and pieces that reflect me as a person.


For instance, these city and state maps from artist Alex Elko via Minted Art are a lovely addition to my collection, reflecting my love for gold-embossed designs, and for DC, and California. These gold embossed maps offer an elevated twist on the more tradition map print. And, each map is hand-pressed with foil making each one uniquely yours. You can find one of your liking here.


Another fab resource to find art online is UGallery. This piece, A Dance, is by Photographer Gregor Hochmuth is unaltered by special lenses. Every droplet of water in this composition sparkles with colors. Instead of the traditional frame, I opted for a the acrylic glass mount which makes it feel vibrant and alive.
mochatini-art-wall-ugallery2 mochatini-art-wall-ugallery

The simplicity of people enjoying rain, is captured so beautifully in this complex composition. It makes me smile and serves as a reminder to be in the moment.

Foil Stamped Map, Minted | Dance, Acrylic mounted Photographic Print, UGallery
Note: Thank you to Minted and UGallery for sponsoring the art for this post.