Earbud Loop Review

I find it funny that the groundhog told us spring would come early yet central Illinois has just been hit with a couple inches of snow these past few days. Normally, I don’t mind the snow as it can be very calming and beautiful, but in seeing that I am currently training for my very first marathon I couldn’t be more upset.

You see the snow forces me to do my training inside and I don’t like that. But, what I do like is I now have one less thing to worry about when it comes to my training thanks to The Loop.


























loop 3

The Loop makes preparing for my runs hassle free. I no longer have to waste time and energy trying to get my earbuds untangled, because The Loop keeps them ready to go and knot free. For something as small as earbuds you’d would be surprised as how easily you get frustrated having to untangle them every time you want to use them.
loop 5
loop 2
The thing that I like most about the The Loop compared to other earbud holders is that you don’t have to worry about rolling the earbuds up in exactly the same way every time. For example the standard Apple headphones come in this nice looking case, but when it comes time to put the earbuds back into the case after using them you are SOL. And, I would know because I have been trying to figure out how for a while. With the loop you just have to stick the plug in the hole and roll em’ up. It’s simple and you can’t really go wrong. And, if you’re like me then the simpler something is the better.
loop 4
Thanks to The Loop I can get out there and do my runs without having to worry about my earbuds being a tangled mess. Now if only the snow would clear and I could starting running outside again…

Instant Update: Area Rugs

Constant exposure to amazingly decorated homes, via shelter mags, blogs and Pinterest boards, can make our own spaces look drab and blah in comparison. I find it hard to not “add-to-cart” each time I fall in love with a beautiful piece online. While most of us would love to give our homes a decor makeover often, in reality, a complete redo is impractical and, well, excessive. Also, upgrading the look of any room can often become overwhelming and demotivating with nothing more than frustration and, holes in walls and wallets as a result.


A more practical, and budget-friendly approach to decorating is….patience. Yes, wait it out.  If you long, lust and still love that piece a month, three months, and even a year later, go for it. Except for a few small accessories, anything you are going to love forever, and would want to see everyday, needs to be not just a “Summer-fling”.


Design solution? One high-quality purchase at a time. Adding just one upscale collectable item, such as an area rug, can instantly transform and upgrade the look, and feel of the space. Luxurious-looking handwoven rugs, in pretty prints and patterns, are like works of art, bring warmth and a cozy feel to the room, and are tasteful design solution to tired rooms looking for an instant upgrade.


I have wanted a light-colored, handwoven Persian handwoven rug from the day I had my own place. I even tried talking my mom into giving me one of hers, and failed.


So, when Medallion Rugs asked if I would like a rug from their handpicked selection, I had the biggest smile on the block. An “At last..” moment.  I selected a 10′ x 13′ semi-antique Persian rug with a lovely blend of colors and pattern. It is even more beautiful in person. It ties all my eclectic finds together and makes my living-dining room look cozy and sophisticated.


As you can see, I am not the only one in love with it.


More pics soon.


Review: FabFitFun | Feels Good to be VIP

Subscription boxes are all the rage and an awesome way to sample many great brands and products at once. With so many to choose from, makeup and skin care junkies find it tough to decide which subscription beauty box is best. We were recently sent a FabFitFun VIP box to review and liked their hand-picked selection, by celeb Guilian Rancic, for us.


After years of Hollywood exposure to the best, Guiliana created a lifestyle site FabFitFun focused on sharing her discoveries in fitness, fashion, and beauty.  The good news for us is that this year, they’ve expanded into the beauty box world by way of FFF VIP.  For $49.99 each installment (four annually), you receive over $200 worth of full size, top notch, beauty products that are absolute favorites of Giuliana.  Their summer VIP box is filled with awesome products, that promise to leave you looking gorgeous and feeling refreshed.


Our Favorite treats inside the FFF VIP Summer Box:

  • Ivory Mason Sunglasses: these shades are super gorgeous, but the good news is that if the pair doesn’t flatter your face, you can exchange them!
  • Infinity Glow on the Go: maybe the best of the box, this fine mist spray is the absolute perfect product to tan your face without clogging your pores OR exposing yourself to the harmful sun.
  • Catalina Su Lipgloss: this nonsticky, long lasting gloss has a chic nude hue that can go from day to night.
  • Purlisse Pur Delicate Soy Milk Cleanser: don’t mistake it’s kindness for weakness, this gentle formula removes even waterproof mascara while leaving your skin so smooth.
  • Evian Facial Spray: this goes directly into your bag and must make it to the beach.  This refreshing, hydrating spray moisturizes your skin and cools you off.

AND you’ll also get:

  • It Surf Spray
  • Orly Nail Polish
  • Dark Chocolate Chili Almond Kind Bar
  • Yes to Cucumbers Wipes


This is the gift that keeps on giving for your friends/family and you!! And what’s exciting is that if you order before the end of August, you’ll get a free full size Purlisse Soy Cleanser ($36 retail value) added to your Fall box! Click here to join the club.

– Monica Farren