Horn, Hide and Mother of Pearl | HGTV’s Hot Three Decorating Trends this Fall

HGTV’s hottest decorating trends this Fall are all about natural elements. Go big and make a bold statement, or go mall understated  with the natural textures and shapes of  horns, hides and mother of pearl details to bring a back-to-Earth aesthetic to your home. Not a fan of these prints and materials? Opt for faux pieces instead and use them in unexpected ways like lining a tray with an animal print wallpaper. Or paper mache sculptures from West Elm to create a layered look for a tablescape. Salvage an old mirror frame and refinish it in zebra-hide fabric for an instantly chic makeover.





one_kings_lane_hgtvfall_hide_1 one_kings_lane_hgtvfall_mop_3





one_kings_lane_scents_bathroom1 one_kings_lane_scents_livingroom1

Head over to One Kings Lane for more tips and ideas on how to decorate with horns, hides and mother of pearl.


Fashion Update | What to Wear Now

Here, in the North-East, the weather has yet to fully embrace Fall. Daytime temperatures oscillate between high 70s to mid 80s while evenings-nights are nearly 10-15 degrees cooler.


This not-quite-Fall-weather poses a challenge when it comes to picking what to wear all day. Key to dressing for this transitional weather is layering and selecting items that are comfortable, stylish and on-trend.


I rounded up a few essentials to making this daunting task simple and fun.



Chequered jackets and natty wide-lapelled jackets sported by 1950’s news anchors look fresh again. Yes, plaid is cool again. Pair a basic striped cotton top, a sheer button-down or an asymmetric tee with skinny cropped leggings in leather-like texture. Layer with a graphic scarf  and sexy heels, like these stappy cage sandals with embellished studs to give your off-duty looks a hint of attitude. My go-to bag these days is a masculine steampunk leather satchel large enough for my 17″ mbpro and other gadgets and holds a small clutch for after-work socials. When it comes to jewelry, less is more for me, so I tend to wear more rings. This Kate Spade Stepping Stone ring makes a subtle statement while being the perfect work-night accessory.

What fashion items are you looking at to add to your wardrobe?

katespade ring | clutch | stacked ring | striped top | cage sandals | leggings | blazer | steampunk satchel | scarf


Fall 2013 Fashion Top 5 Trends – click to read more


With Fall-like nights becoming more frequent, its time to get our closets ready to embrace the season in outfits that are simplistic, comfy, elegantly styled with a reined in rebellious edge! Tartans and florals, punk, masculine, oversized, bold, embellished, studded, furry, noir, primal, and layered fashion forecasts this Fall are all about stepping out with confidence and effortless glamour. Keep accessories simple yet bold, distressed leather belts, felt hats, and beanies, along with cozy, oversized scarves.



1. Black and White

Huge mass appeal for this trend, everyone loves the classic black and white pairing. Contrasting separates in interesting shapes, luxe fabrics, capped off by equally monochromatic embellished accessories. Think ivory, cream, and stark whites with textured blacks! Im loving Chloe’s take on this with a white blazer and lacy tulle asymmetrical skirt.


2. His and Hers

A legit excuse to raid the boy’s closet! Borrow anything in a traditional pattern (Prince of Wales checks, glen plaid, pinstripes)—the more Wall Street, the better”, says Elle Creative Director Joe Zee. Pair masculine prints think grunge-y flannel to prim tartan, oxfords to toms, with feminine florals for a defiant and tailored look this Fall. The rugged handsome style becomes feminine with more relaxed pieces paired with ruffles, intricate lace, and delicate socks. Accessories are simple yet bold, featuring distressed leather belts, felt hats, and beanies, along with cozy, oversized scarves.


3. Punk Phenomenon

Edgy materials like studs, metal buckles, spikes and leather that invoke rebellious attitudes. Overall, the look adds a modern, fashion-forward edge to otherwise fairly uneventful staples. A millennial’s interpretation of this trend? Pair  studded leather with flannel and accessorize with pearls.


4. Oversized 

Outerwear to pants, think big and comfy!  Fall’s overcoats are drastically oversized, with dropped shoulders, large lapels, and bold in bright solids and  patterns! Wide-legged denims to trousers, harem pants  to leathery  sweat pants and stretchy capris.


5. Embellished and Sparkly 

More is more when it comes to adding embellished separates to your outfit this Fall. From casual tees to see-though lace blouses to hand-embroidered jackets and glittering collars, this is the season to unleash the princess. Wear sequins and bling, shimmery eyes, crystal heels and feel like no part of you is lacking in absolute glamour.




The Great Gatsby-inspired Style

The amazing F. Scott Fitzgerald story of decadence and excess of the 1920’s could not have found a better director than Baz Luhrmann, known for his epic films (Moulin Rouge is still my favorite). But the look of the time is a character all its own: the angles of Art Deco design and the sway of beaded fringe dresses are mesmerizing. Today’s mood board is filled with modern vintage looks to inspire you get a little decadent and jazz up your everyday. And of course, we all love to dress up for a glamorous party!

Interview with Kelly Edwards Author of Design Cookbook

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing the amazing Kelly Edwards. She is the co-host and design coordinator of HGTV’s “Design on a Dime” as well as STYLE network’s “Tacky House”. Next month Kelly’s book, Design Cookbook: Recipes for a Stylish Home will be in bookstores and we have  your first exclusive look! Check out my interview with Kelly after the jump –

Erin Martin Erin Martin Nicole Cohen

Jada: First off, not really a question, but a shout out because you are from Chicago too and that is always exciting!

Kelly: So great to meet you and so excite to hear your from Chicago.  Love the city.  I’d move back in a second if I wasn’t doing the whole TV thing!

Jada: So how did you come up with the cookbook approach for a design book? It’s so different, but makes total sense!

Kelly: It was actually my dad that came up with the idea.  I told him I was wanting to write a design book and he said, “Why don’t you make one that looks like a cookbook?”  I thought, ” that’s ingenious!”  Truth is… people love cookbooks even if they can’t cook.  It’s such a great approach to design.  If you give someone a photo, a recipe and a list of ingredients it makes it so much easier to complete a room!

Jada: Okay, here’s a design scenario: I want to spruce up my living room in 2013 for less than $200, what should I invest in to really make my home special?

Kelly: An amazing rug, lighting and some great pillows.  An inexpensive sofa can be dressed up with great pillows.  Texture is everything.   Velvet pillows will make any sofa look and feel more expensive. Lighting is the most important thing in any design as well.  The better the lighting, the better the room will look. You MUST invest in great lighting.

Jada: Anyone who’s seen you on television knows you’re amazing at repurposing. How do you approach turning something most people see as trash into some great treasure?

Kelly: Yes, this is definitely my favorite thing to do.  If something has great bones, then it will look even better with a fresh coat of paint on it.  A can of spray paint is every repurposer’s best friend.   I always look at the integrity of the piece first.  If it has character, it will look good in any color.

Jada: We are super stoked for entertaining this summer. What are some of your foolproof design tips for our readers to create an amazing space for their guests?

Kelly: Make it comfortable.  Guests love feeling comfortable in a space.

1. Have great lighting.  Lighting creates and sets the mood.  I like to make sure everything is on a dimmer and there are plenty of candles floating around.

2.  There is ample seating and it looks and feels comfortable.  For instance, all of the chairs in my dining room have a faux sheepskin throw over them.

3. For years the big thing is the indoor/outdoor entertaining. I keep my decor flowing from indoors to outdoor to give my guests the chance to mingle in and out.  I like the open space.

4.  Music can make or break your party.  Consider your guests taste when doing your playlist.  My personal favorite [is] having all our guests pick an album from our collection.  We love to play albums at the end of the night.

5.  Make a self-service bar complete with your best glassware and nice fresh flowers.  Let your guests know to help themselves.  It eases the pressure off the host from having to keep refilling glasses all night.

Jada: What are the 5 things you are most excited about for 2013?

Kelly: 1. Traveling.  I have the travel bug this year!  I want to go everywhere and anywhere!

2. The book.  My first book is out in May.  Couldn’t be happier!

3. Getting married.  We are working out the details now.  Wish me luck!

4.  Starting a business with my friend Jen Porter from Chic Living LA.

5.  Learning to cook more vegan and vegetarian dishes.  I’m kind of obsessed with it right now.  Oh, and to make my own Chicago hot Giardiniera.  I want to jar it and sell it I love it so much!  You can’t find it here in LA.

Best wishes to Kelly on her book launch and upcoming wedding! Make sure to check out the look book for Design Cookbook before it hits stores. If you’re feeling lucky, enter to win a free copy at Goodreads.

Seeing Spots!

Apartment Therapy named polka dots as the interior trend of 2013, and it’s not hard to see why. Classic, contemporary, retro, and whimsical, peppering your walls with these spots can liven up any room while reflecting whatever your style may be. Check out some styles and get sprinkled with inspiration!

Classic: Whether creating a luxurious bedroom for you, a clean and individual space for kids, or a sleek guest bathroom, polka dots take the lead in creating a classy and classic atmosphere.

French style fairy tale

European style fairy tale via

can't decided? do both!

can’t decided? do both! via

retro and glam!

retro and glam! via

Monochromatic: Subtle polka dots can create a contemporary and slightly seductive look with barely any color.

manly and contemporary dots

manly and contemporary dots via

a whisper of polka dots

a whisper of polka dots via

Bright and White: Make an accent wall pop while tying the entire room together

Chic and next to nature

Going green never looked so trendy! via

Accentuating an accent wall

Make that accent wall stand out! via

A Few Freckles: If you’re not able to commit to a full on polka dot room, a few dots to highlight an area of a room go a long way.

Baby's first interior decor

Baby’s first interior decor via

Sprinkle of dots

Sprinkle of dots via

Snowflake-a dots, maybe?

Snowflake-a dots, maybe? via

Whimsical: These imperfect specks are spot on! Create the look of a party that never ends with confetti-style polka dots. Get artsy with water colored, hand painted dots, in your favorite color. Or take it to the next level and bring polka dots to the third dimension!

Like glitter in the air!

Like glitter in the air!  via

Watercolor Polka Dots

Watercolor Polka Dots via

3D Polka Dot Wall

3D Polka Dot Wall via


Check yourself


One of the hottest trends in fashion and design this year, I am having a love affair with checkboard patterns. Highlighted in bright colors by Louis Vuitton’s spring-summer 2013 campaign, a inspired by the swinging 60s, checkboard patterns are looking sexier than ever.


Fashion, footwear, home accessories, wallpapers, heck, even on manicures, I am seeing this pattern everywhere! Im dying to create a tablescape in checkered pattern and play it up with stripes or polka dots.






What do you think about this trend? Checkmate?

Happy Monday.



Decorating Style: Industrial Glam


Hello Monday!

One the decorating trends that I want to see more of in 2013 is industrial glam. Resilient industrial materials softened by plush and luxe textures like velvets, suede, and shiny decorative elements. Very close to my own style, I love how versatile this look can be. And dont be fooled, there is more to this style than a chandy above a farmhouse table. Think Restoration Hardware meets Kelly Wrestler.

mochatini-industrialglam1mochatini-industrialglam7 mochatini-industrialglam6 mochatini-industrialglam5 mochatini-industrialglam4 mochatini-industrialglam2I would love to see some new takes on this trend this year and hopefully less shabby chic versions mistaken for industrial glam. How do you feel about this look?


Dip Dye: Round Up

As we hit the end of Summer I felt a round-up of my favorite dip dye projects was in order. I often wonder how long a trend will stick around before it fades out. I love seeing this trend evolve and extend beyond staining fabrics to wood, paper, metals, plastics, canvas and even hair!




Remember this from my Spring tablescape 101 over at Bright.Bazaar? I had so much fun making these fuscia ombre napkins.

did you try dip dying? how did it turn out?

images: via| design sponge | bright.bazaar | martha stewart | style me pretty | ideas to steal

trend alert: faux bois

From cakes to invitations, ceilings to walls, side tables to bed frames, tableware to pillows, rugs to  fabrics, fashion to laptop sleeves, faux bois (wood grain) pattern is everywhere! And I like. Easy to DIY, this textured finish looks great in vibrant colors too.

Martha Stewart takes up a level by crafting chocolate in faux bois pattern.


I’d love to give it a try on a small surface like placemat or runner. I took a textures and finishes class at NYU and faux bois was one of many that we learned to create. Wonder if it will come back easily to me. This tutorial should serve as a handy refresher.

How do you feel about this trend? Like? No like?


via martha stewart, bhg, elle decor, pinterest