The BIG EVENT | Shopbop Spring Sale

What better way to beat Winter blues than getting your wardrobe ready for Spring, right? Glad you agree, because here is what makes that EVEN better!


Shopbop’s THE BIG EVENT sale!! Starting today, March 3, until March 8 (4am ET), you get upto 25% off storewide.*  

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The details and promo code: The Big Event

15% off orders of $250| 20% off orders of $500| 25% off orders of $1000| Use Code BIGEVENT15 at Checkout

*Excluding the Stuart Weitzman brand items.

Furniture Arrangement Tips

 Since moving to my condo I am constantly rearranging my furniture to maximize space and flow of the tiny space. In an ideal world I would get rid of most of the furniture I currently own and buy pieces that are more suited for the 500sq studio. I want to take my time decorating and so in the interim I plan to do the best with what I currently own. It can get frustrating trying to figure out what goes where and what arrangement would work best for now. I have spent countless hours moving items around without really thinking about it. So glad to have found this article on Houzz offering really good tips on how to get furniture arrangement right to steer me in the right direction…Thought I would share it with those of you in the same boat.

Pack Breakables With Plastic Food Wrap

As some of you may know I moved into my own condo last year. While packing my dishes and glassware, I ran out of packing tape. Since it was nearly 2AM and no store near me was open. I wanted to continue packing so I started scavenging through drawers, closets and kitchen cabinets in hopes to find a roll of pacing tape. I was about to give up when noticed the 8 rolls of plastic food wrap that I bought a while back from costco but had hardly ever used.

Staring at the rolls I had an “idea!” moment where I thought of using plastic wrap instead of tape to pack. It not only worked great, but made me wonder why I hadn’t been doing this all along. In a few hours I had wrapped breakables like plates, glasses, vases, candlesticks, spices, and even used it to protect clothes that had beads and sequin in shrink-wrap-style. It even made items fit in boxes better and I ended up saving tons of money.

Plastic Wrap for packing

Here are a few pics to illustrate how you can use plastic wrap to pack for a move.


IMG_5323 IMG_5324 IMG_5328

Have you stretched plastic wrap beyond the kitchen for similar uses? Would love to know!