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Hello Monday + For the Makers + Brizo #Blogger19 Reunion in Memphis

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Happy new week. Over the weekend, I stumbled upon For the Makers website and fell in love with everything in their store. They describe themselves as one part magazine and one part craft store, but I think they are so much more. Tons of cute craft supplies to shop, pretty DIY tutorials and my favorite part, the gift box, which is a monthly gift box package filled with supplies that are normally only available to designers.  And if you are not a crafter but want to explore/develop those skills, take a look at how easy it is to follow along their tutorials and make cool things. I’m hooked. And want to throw a craft party  for my friends asap.


Tomorrow, I head out to Memphis for the Brizo #Blogger19 reunion. I have so much to do before I leave, and as always, I still havent packed. Follow along on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter as we visit St. Jude Children’s Hospital, I choke up a little just thinking about being there with all those brave kids, tour the Brizo factory and experience Memphis as Brizo’s guests. From the looks of it, its going to be epic!

Have a productive week.



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Puppy Love: 5 Summer Must-haves

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Summer heat in DC is a little much for Dexter, especially in the afternoons. His favorite spot in my apartment is the bath tub where he loves to quench his thirst ( he thinks the faucet is a water fountain) and then nap in the cool tub. He is super adorable when he does this. I fill his water bowl with ice and he still prefers to drink from the tub.


Seeing how uncomfortable the Summer heat is making him had me searching for  ways to keep my hot dog cool.



1. I found this three-ingredient ice cream on dog milk  and decided to give it a try. Just as with other dishes I make, he devoured in less than a minute and came back for more, which makes me believe he liked it. For those less inclined to spend time making ice cream, Arrfscarf offers five delish flavors for your pup.

2. I have been taking him to parks and outdoor parties with me and a collapsible travel bowl, like this one by BlissPaws  is very handy.

3. His metal colar gets too hot and I am eyeing the olive ombre rope collar by Petswag as an alternative.

4. He loves most products by Kong and Im positive this wet wubba is going to become his new best toy.

5. This cooling pad for pets looks interesting as well. Especially for when we travel.


Have a great week ahead.


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Hello Monday + Dinner with Birch Box

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A night with Birch Box, a colorful porch party, boozy popsicle and pea-potato salad recipes, strawberry-shortcake bridal shower, DIY fourth of July picnic and more lovely things that came my way recently.





25 boozy popsicle recipes at snippet+ink



Pretty paper goods by Little Bit Heart for a strawberry shortcake-inspired bridal shower.



Pea-potato salad by Coco+Kelley


Cute DIY fourth of July picnic ideas over at Glitter Guide


I want a bed swing like this for my apartment.


Birch Box held a private dinner at Malmaison in DC last week. Isnt the decor pretty?

IMG_3284 IMG_3282

It was lovely to meet Brich Box co-founder Katia, editor Meredith, the Skirt PR team and other DC-based lifestyle bloggers.





This salted caramel tart is heavenly and thanks to Malmaison’s owner I got to bring one home as well.


And who doesnt love a Birch Box as party favor? Right? Are you a Birch Box subscriber?

Have a great (short) week. xoxo