DIY: Halloween Tablesetting Decor


I created this grown-up version of sinister Halloween tablesetting for DIY Network.



A new color scheme consisting of deep purple, mustard yellow and lime-green accents instead of the typical orange-red adds a modern and sophisticated touch to the usual, and over-used red-orange Halloween palette. Most of the materials and supplies (paper doilies, knitting yarn, to make this haunted-mansion setting were easily found at hardware, craft and dollar stores.



halloween tablesetting centerpiece


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DIY Checkered Tablecloth

A simple DIY for multi-purposing a painting drop cloth as a durable table cover for outdoor use.



  • Natural Fiber drop cloth
  • Lime green and black spray paint
  • Painters tape
  • Yard stick or tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Heavy objects ( food cans, tools, exercise weights, etc) to hold canvas down



  1. I recommend doing this project outdoors or in a garage to avoid paint fumes indoors.
  2. Spread drop cloth on an even flat surface. Place weights on all four corners to hold down the drop cloth.
  3. Measure 3 inches from the edge of cloth and mark with pencil.continue making marks the length of the drop cloth.
  4. Line up and place painters tape along pencil marks.
  5. Repeat every 3 inches until bottom of the drop cloth.
  6. Turn drop cloth and repeat steps 1-3 creating a checker board pattern.
  7. Spread out drop cloth in well ventilated area.
  8. Starting with top most corner, spray square with black spray paint making sure to fill in completely.
  9. Spray black spray paint on every alternating square. Fill in remaining squares with lime green.
  10. Allow to dry completely before use.



Helpful hints!

  • Make sure painters tape is firmly secured to the canvas to avoid paint bleeding
  • Get a friend to help with the painting. Each person takes a color to spray and you’re done in half the time
  • Because of the lined bottom of the drop cloth, both sides work well as a tablecloth

Full instructions and more step-by-step photos

 Photography + styling by Manvi Drona for DIY Network.


Local Wedding Flowers and DIY Gifts for West Virginia Wedding

Lovely Flower

First off, big thanks to Manvi for letting me blog on Mochatini!

Last May, I got married at the lovely Cacapon State Park, outside of Washington DC. One thing I knew I wanted was local flowers. Transporting flowers from all over the country to Washington DC would have been unnecessarily carbon-heavy and clouded our happiness with thoughts of the child labor, damaging pesticides and significant costs. Luckily, I found a local florist, Garden By the Woods, in Martinsburg, WV, through Local Harvest. Owner Patricia Corona overwhelmed us with flowers from her property and made our lilac bouquets and arrangements herself.




Since our wedding was in May in West Virginia, Mother Nature significantly contributed to our blooms with her own lush dogwood and redbud background.


We also used dogwood stems in vases both at the ceremony and the reception. Notoriously short lived, the stems had to be cut and arranged just before guests arrived, and were tossed once the evening festivities were over.



Patricia brought us buckets and buckets of local wildflowers, which we arranged into a variety of bottles I had collected over the year. We arranged them throughout the reception hall, with mini lights under them.







Finally, we used flowers to decorate our amazing and beautiful cake by Keshia’s Kakes in Berkeley Springs, WV, which had a custom bike topper with our names in it.






As a thank you for our gifts, we made Limoncelo and Rose Bitters for them to enjoy or take home with custom labels.



Needless to say, we were overjoyed with what Patricia, Keshia and everyone at the Cacapon State Park helped us achieve for our special day.