Contributing Blogger at 2Modern Design Talk

I would like to share some exciting news. Greg Finney, co-founder of 2Modern has invited me to contribute on 2Modern’s blog- Design Talk.

If you haven’t heard of 2Modern Design Talk or 2Modern, you have been living under a rock! 2Modern is a modern furniture, contemporary lighting, personal accessories, and eco-friendly products for home and office store. They are based in San Francisco.

Contributers to Design Talk include some very inspiring individuals – Greg Finney, Jennifer Sitko (co-founder), Deanna Miller, Kasey Coughlin, Stratos Bacalis, Anand Gahlot, Danielle Colosimo, Erin Loechner, Kim Barrington, Valentina Herrera, Lisa Williams, Heloisa Righetto, Adrienne Breaux, Rachael Pfeffer, and Lauren O’Malley.

What is unique about 2Modern Design Talk? We provide a wide-range of views and commentary focused on contemporary design. Contributors to the blog are designers, manufacturers, editors, retailers, architects and consumers. Some contributors enjoy a large spectrum of the modern lifestyle, others are focused on specific niches or topics like: modern lighting, contemporary art, innovative architecture, etc. Some of us spend most of their time at tradeshows, viewing the latest designs, others spend their time in a studio in overalls and paint. The common denominator is that this carefully selected group of individuals weave a special fabric we call the 2Modern Design Talk blog. – 2Modern Design Talk

I feel fortunate to be on the same list as these talented designers, artists, innovators and furniture connoisseurs. I will be contributing on Thursdays, starting next week so keep an eye out for my first post there! 2Modern Design Talk

Here’s a peak at 2Modern’s collection