book review; a girls guide to decorating

A while back I received a copy of Abigail Ahern’s book, A Girls Guide to Decorating, in the mail. As soon as I had turned the cover and flipped through the pages, I knew this was a book many of you have been waiting for. A hip practical guide to taking your pad from drab to fab! I have been dying to share my thoughts about this excellent resource with you since.

Abigail is a designer, stylist and owner of an interiors store in London. In A Girls Guide to Decorating, Abigail compiles years of her experience as an international designer into a handy reference for anyone looking to take on their first decorating project. If you are style conscious, budget restricted, and want to make sense of decorating, this book promises to be your best friend.

A girls guide to decorating is a must have if you are looking to do small DIY projects to glam up your pad but dont know where or how to get started.

I found the room analysis sections particularly helpful. Abigail has rough sketches next to real photographs that aid in visualizing the thought process.

A whole section in the book is dedicated to choosing the right lighting for the space. An excellent piece of info – each room needs three types of lighting types: general background or ambient lighting, task lighting for cooking, working, reading etc, and feature accent lighting such as chandeliers etc.

Of course, there are pages and pages of beautiful interior photographs by Graham Atkins-Hughes to inspire your projects.

With a hands-on approach, Abigail shows you how to choose your style, plan your space, work with what you’ve got, create a wow-factor, add personal details and play with colors, textures, and lights, and offers wonderful tips and techniques throughout the book. You will also find a list of essential tools that no girl on a decorating mission should be without.

A Girls Guide to Decorating is available in hardcover on amazon

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