tabletop; alice in wonderland

A friend was on the look out for alice in wonderland theme ideas for her baby shower. While these ideas are for a kids birthday party, some of the details can be easily modified to create an adult version of whimsical wonderlands… 😉

What ideas to keep and which to switch?

For starters, keep the fine china tea cups.. no grown up “alice in wonderland” inspired celebration is complete without a good china set. Aren’t these pretty?

Keep: the paper lanterns..simply because I love how them.

Add hearts on the tablecloth. You could also design menu cards to look like queen of hearts playing card. It would be fun to place a

Switch: paper flowers for real ones, exotic asiatic lilies and orchids.

Switch: plastic chairs for mismatched wooden or iron ones.

Keep the butterflies and other whimsical objects…

Wow, this got me in the mood for an alice in wonderland themed party for myself..

For more birthday party images visit HWTM. Jen’s blog is forever packed with inspiring celebration ideas.

via HWTM via Jessica Claire

images: jessica claire