Have a sunny and green weekend

More fun decorating and styling with house plants. Here are some of the promised pics from Hidalgo jardín.



Jasmine. Mogra. The sweetest flower ever! It blooms about 40-50 flowers each night. It amazing how wonderful they smell and it even survives the winters. They are so famous in India they are called Raat Ki Rani (Queen of the night). Every night I collect the fallen flowers and make a center piece for dinner. A bowl, water, tea lights and jasmine. Adds a lil oomph to daily dinners.


Marigold and Parsley



Marigold. I love their color


Another low maintenance house plant Jade. So easy to decorate with as well


Imagine all the pesto…send me your orders


I don’t know the name of this plant. We got it from Ikea a few years ago. I have loved creating accent walls with its sculptural shape


A-Low-o-fun with Aloe. We had one tiny plant that now has grown into several pots. Love decorating with these as well. And they are so handy in the house for sunburns and other skin relief

More fun with aloe, a camera and Photoshop.

Some styling with hens and chicks

Enjoy your weekend.