books; I love your style by amanda brooks

On fashion’s night out in NYC, Amanda Brooks was at Barneys signing copies of her really awesome book –  I Love your Style – How to Define and Refine Your Personal Style. She drew little hearts on the cover of my copy before signing it for me. 🙂


Style will not appear in your life on its own. I always feel and look my best when I’m dressed in evening clothes because that is when I make the biggest effort. We can’t go the whole nine yards every morning, but muster what energy you can and you’ll feel better all day long.


Read lots of magazines and books and tear out or make copies of things that resonate with you, whether they are whole outfits or just appealing color combination, beautiful textiles, scenes that evoke a certain era or feeling, or anything at all that you think you want to express with your clothes.

Graduating from mid-twenties to late-twenties can sometimes require desperate changes in personal style. In my case I was holding on to items from early twenties that I knew I would never wear but couldn’t bear to part with. It also meant replacing club wear with more sophisticated social wear.

Reflect on your life and take note of the things that have influenced you most.

And this book is just the kind of guide that I needed to clear the clutter from my closet and start with a smarter, sexier and even more chic wardrobe! In her picture heavy book, {think celeb style icons} Amanda gives great tips to finding your personal style; embracing creativity and the freedom to choose elements throughout the fashion universe. She even offers shopping tips! I cant wait to get do some of the things she advises. For instance:

Six ways you can find your style –

  1. make tear sheets.
  2. write down your style history
  3. try a lot of looks
  4. constantly ask yourself questions
  5. find your style icons and inspirations
  6. make an effort

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