trad home + new home improvement project at casa hidalgo

Have you had time to browse through TradHome? Congratulations to Michelle, Patrick and the entire TradHome team for a spectacular premier issue. I snuck in a very quick peek and absolutely LOVE it. Will have to return later after I get stuff did 😉

Speaking of which, let me introduce you to a new home improvement project that is underway at casa hidalgo.

Basement makeover + reno (partial)

A modest ceiling insulation project has now turned into a partial remodel of our basement. When I say we, it’s really hubby but I am helping as much as I can.

All I can say the demo last night was HUGE for us. It looks WAYYYYY better already.

You are going to LOVE what we have decided to do with this space. I so psyched.

We are on a tight deadline, so I better get off my laptop and pick up a crowbar/restock the refrigerator with beer and water etc.

Oh! and here is a peek into our garden.


images: manvi drona-hidalgo + tradhome