my breakfast + writing nook

I love this corner of my bedroom. Flooded with natural light, I really enjoy starting my day here; sipping coffee, watching the morning commuters hustle and collecting my thoughts. This corner faces west so the late evening light and sunset view is spectacular.

With no patio space, I didnt know what to do with this outdoor table, but was not willing to give it up. So, I brought it into my bedroom. It needs a new coat of paint. I’m dying to go bold and spray it gold!! Thoughts??

Im not the only one who loves spending time here, Dexter parks himself on a floor pillow and looks out to the street deep in thought too.

image: manvi

weekend snippets + brunches + booth-style seating

Happy new week!

I’m all about brunches with my favorite people and feel fortunate to live in a city that has a good number of restaurants offering FAB brunch deals. This weekend we hit up a new spot Urbana Wine Bar and Restaurant. I fell in love with their egg-white frittata with manchego cheese and a side of arugula salad. Yum-to-the-mers. I would definitely go there again just for the frittata.

I have long loved the charm of banquette seating and have recently been toying with the idea of raising the height of my chesterfield to function as one. Any links/suggestions on how to do this? I wonder if building custom seating is a better option. I pulled a few images from my files with cozy booth-style and bench seating ideas. I really like the idea of additional storage underneath too.

How do you feel about booth-style seating?

Have a great week ahead. x