guest post; contemporary african style

Today’s guest post is by the lovely Jeanine Hays. Jeanine is the creative director & founder of AphroChic, a lifestyle brand that synthesizes high-end design and ethnic culture to create a sustainable line of pillows and apparel dedicated to the company’s mantra of, “modern soulful style.” I absolutely LOVE her designs, especially haze mimosa! Jeanine also writes an interior design blog dedicated to trends in modern interiors that reflect a sense of personal style.

Contemporary African Style

Hello, this is Jeanine Hays from AphroChic. I am so happy to be a guest blogger on Mochatini. I am an absolute fan of Manvi’s style and the gorgeous interiors and fashion that she posts each week. Today, I thought I would share a little bit of AphroChic style with you.  My blog, AphroChic, is all about blending modern style with culture and ethnicity. We call it modern soulful style.

This interior is the epitome of modern, soulful, style. Interior designer Aline Matsika creates spaces that integrate African pieces and French furniture. The end result is a unique brand of contemporary African style.

Aline’s interiors speak to her experience as a global citizen. Originally from Paris, Aline has made New York her home, a place that has influenced her modern sensibility.

In her interiors you will discover Louis XVI chairs covered in antique Kuba cloth, and 1930s arm chairs covered in Senegalese cotton and raffia. At the same time spaces are clean and contemporary with white walls, and sparse decor.

Triumphant in bringing together diverse cultural styles, Aline’s interiors are truly unique and absolutely beautiful. You can view more of her incredible portfolio right here.

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