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Hello all. Thank you for such sweet emails and comments about my health. You are the best. The sun is out and I am doing so much better.

And now I’d like to introduce you to this week’s guest blogger – Carole King from the dear designers blog. Carole is an interior designer and lives on the other side of the pond. She shares her passion for interiors with us and also offers design services for free. How generous!

Take it away Carole-

Hi, I’m Carole from Dear Designer’s Blog.  I’m feel honoured to be writing today on Manvi’s inspirational Mochatini.

I thought I’d take the opportunity to tell everyone how much I am influenced by travel in my creative life and in my decorating style.

Firstly, I should explain that I am a complete travel junkie.  Anywhere, anytime (funds permitting of course) is my mantra.  In the past year I have been to California, Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe, next week I am off to Krakow, and later this year I am planning a trip to India.  City or country, hotels or camping, trekking or cruising I love it all.

And this is what I come back with……….

Image: The Society Inc

Photographs. They are the most evocative of souvenirs and I use them all the time on mood boards.  A collection of memories that can conjure up smell, moods, feelings, emotions and the most incredible colour combinations.

Majorelle Gardens, Marrakech by Dear Designer

A single photograph can remind you of the relief of escaping the blistering heat in Marrakech and discovering the most incredibly beautiful garden.  The sound of the tinkling water, the cooling green of the plants and the surprising blue of the house and fountain.  I would love to replicate this in my own garden.

Souvenirs.  I have a rule that the only things I can buy are those that will fit into my backpack or suitcase.  I love the contrast of dark woods and ethnic busts against pale walls and arranged with mirrors and glass to add some sparkle.  Shown here a Buddha head from Thailand, a woman’s bust from Zimbabwe, carved candlesticks from South Africa and a framed ink drawing from Vietnam (reflected in the mirror).

Image: Agent Bauer

Image: Focal Point Blogspot

Jewellery.  Provides constant inspiration for colours and textures.  It also looks amazing displayed in baskets and in glass boxes or hung from hooks on the wall

Image: Rebecca Ford

Fabrics.  I have a collection of tablecloths from Peru, much like the ones above.  They are too vibrant to sit easily with my colour schemes at home but in the summer I use them in the garden and they look fabulous.

Image: MyMarrakesh

I am hoping that on my next trip to North Africa that I will be returning with a Moroccan wedding blanket.  Collectables like these are not passing fashion statements, they are exquisitely crafted works of art and will become family heirlooms.

Suzani image: The City Sage

Each layer of decoration added to a home contributes to its uniqueness and tells a story.  This is something that can’t be achieved by buying everything from the same store.

Image: James Merrill

Shells.  And all those things you can pick up on the beach for free!  I have a few shells that remind me of scuba diving in Egypt and Jamaica.  They look fantastic grouped together and under glass domes.

Image: Living etc

Artwork.  Easy enough to roll up and put in the bag.  Ethnic, historical, landscapes, local photography, anything that takes your fancy and inspires you in some way could become the beginning of a collection.

Hanneke Wagenaar

The above pictures were painted by my guide in Venezuela and now sit in my office.  (She doesn’t have a website but if anyone is interested I will happily put you in touch)

Which just leaves me to say, that if money were no object, my home would look something like this……….

Image: Desire to Inspire

Thank you so much Manvi.  I have enjoyed putting this together and hope your readers enjoy it too.  Carole.

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