Furniture Arrangement Tips

 Since moving to my condo I am constantly rearranging my furniture to maximize space and flow of the tiny space. In an ideal world I would get rid of most of the furniture I currently own and buy pieces that are more suited for the 500sq studio. I want to take my time decorating and so in the interim I plan to do the best with what I currently own. It can get frustrating trying to figure out what goes where and what arrangement would work best for now. I have spent countless hours moving items around without really thinking about it. So glad to have found this article on Houzz offering really good tips on how to get furniture arrangement right to steer me in the right direction…Thought I would share it with those of you in the same boat.

Summer Reading: The Little Book of Big Decorating Ideas

The Little Book of Big Decorating Ideas

The Little Book of Big Decorating Ideas

The editors of Country Living magazine have outdone themselves! All the best decorating, storage and DIY advice from the magazine have been compiled into their new book, The Little Book of Big Decorating ideas. It’s almost like a Pinterest page you can carry around with you without the annoying broken links! They even have a simple and concise appendix in the back for the how-to features.

instant souvenir lively living room table runner from drop cloth branches as hooks

From afternoon projects – like how to show off souvenirs from last years beach vacay, to weekend warrior overhauls – like using varnished craft paper as wallpaper, the projects inspire endless ideas for your home. There’s also an entire section for turning your lawn and garden into beautiful, easy to manage haven instead of a distracting chore.

This June, when you pick up the book, make sure you have time to swing by the local hardware and craft store as well, because you will definitely want to have supplies ready when the inspiration from these pages hit you!

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eleven thousand words

Dont start your weekend without taking at look at these eleven pictures from photographer Ellen Silverman’s portfolio. I encourage you to observe the details in each image. Ellen’s skill as professional photographer is obvious. Her crisp, well composed and brilliantly shot pictures have more to tell.

Each image is a source for simple decorating ideas. By observing how the objects are styled, grouped, and arranged, you can learn helpful tips to freshen up your rooms. Start by identifying a focal point in the room. Then using objects that you already own, play around with arranging them differently. Group them by color, material, texture and form {glass jars, vases, bottles, ceramics, plants, books, picture frames, etc}. Mix it up. Decorate. Have fun doing it.





I love the monochromatic arrangement on the mantle. One of my projects this weekend include painting used wine bottles and tin cans white. I’ll let you know how they turn out.




A neat idea for a worktable. The round top must make it easy to roll around the work space.





I hope these beautiful images give you good ideas to decorate your home this weekend. May peace and creativity with your friend this weekend. See you on the other side. xx

Images: Ellen Silverman

Inspiration Boards and Mood Files

Inspiration boards also known as mood boards are simply a collage of images, materials, textures and fabrics that you would like to use in your design project. Every designer, stylist and decorator for your home will tell you that creating an inspiration board before any home improvement project is a must.

We had to do countless inspiration boards for our interior design classes at NYU. The biggest pro to creating an inspiration board, is it helps organize your thoughts and bring them out of your imagination to a working board. I won’t go into more detail about how to create one, in this post, but you can see some very creative ones on Holly Becker from decor8’s blog. She ran a contest a while back really encouraged people to submit their mood boards.

Link to more submissions from Holly’s contest.

I started to create a few for our new home. Garden, kitchen, bedroom, guestroom, study, living and dining……., but decided to keep it to an online board – Hidalgo Casa Mood Files, till after we move.

I would love to read your feedback on them.