happy diwali + holiday decor ideas

Today is the festival/holiday of lights, Diwali. Mostly celebrated in Northern India, it is a FUN holiday with candles, twinkling lights and firecrackers. In our casa, Diwali officially marks the start of the holiday season and you know what that means….fairy lights, and holiday decorations are in full swing…

Even if you dont celebrate Diwali why not light a couple of candles in your home tonight? They are supposed to welcome good fortune in your homes and who doesnt love the soft glow of candle lights? Dont have any fancy candle holders at hand? Throw in tea lights in assorted mason jars, water tumblers, tea cups or wine glasses and arrange them on your mantle/dining table/front porch etc.



I love these hanging bubble candle holders (below) from CB2. Arent they festive? I am so getting these for my living room as part of my holiday decor.


How do you decorate for Diwali?


images: once upon a tea time, an indian summer, pinterest