DIY Checkered Tablecloth

A simple DIY for multi-purposing a painting drop cloth as a durable table cover for outdoor use.



  • Natural Fiber drop cloth
  • Lime green and black spray paint
  • Painters tape
  • Yard stick or tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Heavy objects ( food cans, tools, exercise weights, etc) to hold canvas down



  1. I recommend doing this project outdoors or in a garage to avoid paint fumes indoors.
  2. Spread drop cloth on an even flat surface. Place weights on all four corners to hold down the drop cloth.
  3. Measure 3 inches from the edge of cloth and mark with pencil.continue making marks the length of the drop cloth.
  4. Line up and place painters tape along pencil marks.
  5. Repeat every 3 inches until bottom of the drop cloth.
  6. Turn drop cloth and repeat steps 1-3 creating a checker board pattern.
  7. Spread out drop cloth in well ventilated area.
  8. Starting with top most corner, spray square with black spray paint making sure to fill in completely.
  9. Spray black spray paint on every alternating square. Fill in remaining squares with lime green.
  10. Allow to dry completely before use.



Helpful hints!

  • Make sure painters tape is firmly secured to the canvas to avoid paint bleeding
  • Get a friend to help with the painting. Each person takes a color to spray and you’re done in half the time
  • Because of the lined bottom of the drop cloth, both sides work well as a tablecloth

Full instructions and more step-by-step photos

 Photography + styling by Manvi Drona for DIY Network.


Supper at sundown party look for Bright.Bazaar

Hello dears. I’m BACK. Firstly, thank you for your emails and comments expressing concern about my absence from here. If you like Mochatini on Facebook, you might know that my site had been hacked and it took a long time to clean and fix it back. I truly appreciate your patience and am grateful you didnt give up on me.

In addition to moving to a new location, more on that shortly, Mochatini offices have been busy styling entertaining features and parties.Rising in temperatures gets everyone in the mood for outdoor entertaining. And I have been loving creating outdoor party looks.Such as this one, supper at sundown. For those know missed it over at Will’s Bright.Bazaar, I wanted to create a cozy, modern rustic tablescape on my rooftop.

Keeping the focus on stunning views of the city, I kept the table settings simple and uncluttered using elements that soften the harsh concrete rooftop. When deciding on pieces for an outdoor party, chose materials that are easy to transport, are durable and complement the surroundings rather than competing with them.

Succulents in woven baskets make easy and portable centerpieces while adding form to the table.

A make-it-yourself table cover using durable materials such as a painters drop cloth, available at most hardware stores, is ideal for windy rooftops. Create a pattern using painters tape and spray with paint for a unique design.

Include wooden elements to bring warmth and weight to the table.
Claudia of Fig 2 Design once again works her magic to create circle placecards that function as coasters. The gold dots add a touch of glam and pair perfectly with the gold-rimmed champagne glasses.
Think about lighting after sunset. Tealights in mercury glass votives protect the candle from blowing out and cast a romantic glow on the table.
And for the most important part of this supper, enjoy the beautiful views and sunset with your guests.
See more details and sources on how to create this look over at my monthly column Tablescape 101 on Bright.Bazaar.
images styled and photographed by ManviDrona-Hidalgo