Hello hello. Back to a brand spanking new week of 2009! How was your weekend?

hidalgo home fp

I spent most of mine crossing off items from a long to-do list. One major item in particular. Clearing up a messy Master Bed Room. Ours. Ever since we moved into our home in September 2008, I have had no time to focus on a growing pile of clothes. It takes me months to sort, organize and put away my clothes. And about 10 minutes to ruin it all. All it takes is an impromptu outing/ work and the eternal “what do I wear?” question to start that pile again. Have I mentioned how I dislike packing and UNPACKING clothes? Well I do. And I procrastinate putting away my clothes more than anything in the world. Ammaji (our helper in New Delhi PG GK1) where are you? Bless your heart. Once the clothes were taken care of, I unpacked the last of the boxes.

Which gave me more room in my master bedroom! Small jump of joy! And as it goes anytime I try to “clean” a room I end up rearranging and decorating one. 🙂 This part for me is like the caramel inside the Cadbury’s egg and the toy in a Kinder egg. Once I am done putting away stuff, I have a clean and fresh space to work on. I LOVE IT!! I know I keep promising to put up pics, and I will soon. Once I take pics that I like. And that are actually clear and crisp. I will. Soon.

While I love love to shop for furniture and home accessories, I am also adamant about ensuring a piece of furniture has been played around in different settings before discarding it. Case in point. Our Ikea sofa table. It looked nice in the living room, but it really didn’t serve any purpose there. I had to keep clearing it and prevent it from becoming too crowded with everyday stuff. So I took it upstairs. I was looking for a small mac book station in the MBR anyway and it looked ok under one of the windows. What do you think?


Mary McDonald

I got my latest issue of Domino on Saturday and I couldn’t wait to soak it in, but told myself I wouldn’t touch it till I was done with the MBR. I loved Mary McDonald’s “audaciously preppy den“.

Mary McDonald

I am so inspired to do my guestroom in this color scheme. I knew I wanted something in this shade of green. And I picked a similar green wall color in it a month ago and got 3 gallons of it.  I wanted to add a more fun aspect to the walls. Wasn’t sure what kind of fun so I decided to hold off painting it for a while. Until!!!

Isn’t it gorgeous? Stripes on the wall remind me of being tubes in London, subway in NY, metro in DC, metro in Delhi…… get it.

Thank you Geeta Chinai for the wonderful surprise Friday evening.  You really shouldn’t have. Its absolutely gorgeous!

Pics soon.