happy friday + backyard cabanas + video of baby cardinals learning to fly

I’m dreaming of a stylish cabana for our backyard. I’d love one of these modern and chic designs with stripes, trimmings, the works. I would dress it up with sexy poofs, my succulents, lanterns, side tables and comfy loungers…..


I can just image hubby and me relaxing in our garden in one of these, keeping us cool under the shade, playing scrabble, reading our fav books and mags, while sipping a refreshing beverage with bubbles. Oh wouldnt they be insanely fabulous for entertaining friends?  Yes, I am so ready to take our backyard soirees to the next level!



Speaking of backyards. We found Cardinals nesting in our yard recently and then today saw them teaching their newborns to fly.  It was all so cute and really tugged my hearts strings. . I could watch them all day. I see them hopping around the yard as I type this.

We caught some clips of them on video.

Check it out and tell me it is not the most adorable thing you have ever seen.

We have a long weekend here in the US for memorial day, yay!! We’re hosting a little BBQ party and putting the finishing touches on the basement. You guys,  I love what we did with the space!! I cant WAIT to show pics of it.

Have a great {memorial day} weekend.