hello monday

say hello to my little friend.

this brass doe. isnt she a beauty? a lucky thrift store find, she now lives on my living room mantle.

ps: another giveaway coming at you this week.

pps: I am thankful for the generosity of my sponsors who make it all possible. please take a moment to visit their websites.

ppps: i have a new office space at work. hurray for big sunny windows and larger desks. 🙂

have a great week ahead. xo

Happy Monday

On Friday I thought we wouldn’t be able to have our fireplace working until after Thanksgiving weekend, but thanks to Mr. Mochatini, we did start the fire after all. With temperature in the early 30s, I can’t tell you how wonderful it was to have the fire warming the house. I have been traveling a lot recently and am getting ready for another one this week, so it was wonderful to have some down time at home.

This fireplace was one of the main reasons we fell in love with our house. I plan to install EPA certified modern fireplaces in the other rooms in the next few years.

This week is Thanksgiving week in the US and we will be visiting Mr. Mochatini’s family in Colorado. But before we leave, I have a few posts planned for you.

– Pre-Thanksgiving special post on the launch of Atlantis in Dubai

– International Visions Art Gallery in DC. I visited them this weekend and they have some great openings coming up.

– Reusable lunch box – available at Mocha Design Store

What are your plans for Thanksgiving? How do you celebrate it? Any family traditions related to Thanksgiving that you would like to share?