trad home + new home improvement project at casa hidalgo

Have you had time to browse through TradHome? Congratulations to Michelle, Patrick and the entire TradHome team for a spectacular premier issue. I snuck in a very quick peek and absolutely LOVE it. Will have to return later after I get stuff did 😉

Speaking of which, let me introduce you to a new home improvement project that is underway at casa hidalgo.

Basement makeover + reno (partial)

A modest ceiling insulation project has now turned into a partial remodel of our basement. When I say we, it’s really hubby but I am helping as much as I can.

All I can say the demo last night was HUGE for us. It looks WAYYYYY better already.

You are going to LOVE what we have decided to do with this space. I so psyched.

We are on a tight deadline, so I better get off my laptop and pick up a crowbar/restock the refrigerator with beer and water etc.

Oh! and here is a peek into our garden.


images: manvi drona-hidalgo + tradhome






Brilliant Stairs and Drawers

Here is a brilliant idea for the storage under the stairs that I found on Apartment Therapy yesterday. Designed and constructed by Chris Darling, I think it is a perfect solution for the dead space under stairs. Highly functional and can be creatively customized to fit most stairs.

This is what Chris told me about it:

It was part of an enormous two story row house renovation in Portland Maine I did in the early nineties. I did the stairs as well which reflect some of the elements of the original 1860’s character of row houses on the same block; i.e; Swan’s neck railing sweep, sparse tapered ballasters, etc.
The actual job was inspired by traditional Japanese under stair storage and Shaker furniture elements two areas of interest for the client I did this work for, who told me “what he was
thinking ” ( I then sketched on a piece of scrap wood & built it. ) & I had the drawer boxes made up after careful layout of my vertical spaces (partition) the drawers are close to 34 inches deep so they do provide an enormous amount so storage. As you might suspect the left side has a number of “reverse corbelling” to provide verticals off the angular underside of the stair (think upside down staircase) the verticals are for the slides for the drawers on the left. SO though there is an “aire of simplicity” the behind the face of the drawers is a serious amount of prep
for this built in unit.
The drawers are Baltic birch boxes or “Apple-ply” (1/2″) faces are veneer faced MDF, bottom trim Poplar, NOTE the bottoms of the larger lower drawers are of thicker 5/16- 3/8th baltic due to span. Most of the slides are 75lb slides lowers are 100lb slides. All but the drawer boxes were made on site.



Thanks Chris for sharing these details with us. I’m going to file these images straight under the hidalgo casa mood files. I can see this as a wonderful utilization of space in our prospective new home!!