housetour; nacho figueras home in buenos aires

One of the cities I dream of spending more time in is Buenos Aires. This charming city boasts awesome food and stylish homes. So it should come as no surprise that the home of Ralph Lauren model and polo star nacho figueras was featured on elledecor recently. Reflecting figueras modern style, the interiors are a sophisticated mix of bold art, sculpture, designer pieces mixed with flea market finds. The house designed by architect juan ignacio ramos overlooks a polo fields.

the family enjoying dulce-de-leche { love} cakes on their patio

the painting is by figueras, the chaise by le corbusier and arm chair marcel breuer. Mixing flea market finds and designer pieces creates a unique and classy look.

a wood sculpture by alejandra hoeffner

love the style of their kitchen!

a custom designed walnut- veneer bed in the master bedroom

images photographed by miguel flores-vianna for elle decor