Thank You Desire to Inspire for WINKing me

Desire to Inspire is one of my fav design blogs. Authored by two extraordinary ladies Kim and Jo-an Australian (Jo) and Canadian (Kim) trying to inspire the world one room at a time. And Inspire they do. Not only is their blog packed with jaw-dropping awesome images of great interiors, but they are both really helpful. They graciously extended encouragement, advice, and suggestions when I was setting up Mochatini. So patiently answered my kazillion questions. An amazing fact about this duo- they have never met in person. How amazing is that? Thank you so much Kim and Jo for WINKing Mochatini.

Desire to Inspire features diverse interior styles that make you scroll for more.

Kim also authors Kim’s Kitchen Remodel – which chronicles her entire kitchen redesign from start to finish. I love what she has planned for her new kitchen. Read her progress here. The cabinets are from GreenTea Design paired with stainless steel appliances. I love it!! I agree with her idea of pairing Asian inspired cabinets with the sleek look of stainless. There’s something very sophisticated and down to earth about it. I can’t wait to see the finished kitchen.

Thanks again Kim and Jo and really appreciate the mention. In Sarah Palin’s words – you are a bunch of mavericks! 😉

images courtesy Desire to Inspire and Kim’s Kitchen Remodel