interiors; living rooms

You wont believe this. I had this living room saved in my archives for a long time and was getting ready to post this on monday but forgot the source. I knew it was someone related to the design industry but couldn’t come up with anything in my research. Then last night again I was tempted to post it but found nothing. So, I held off posting it until I could find out who it belonged to.

And guess what? Today, just like that, I saw it on decor8 along with the name of the owner! I was soo excited to find that it belongs to none other than Deborah Needleman, the editor-in-chief of former domino magazine. How crazy it that? Here am I looking for the source for like 3 full days and then on the fourth day, it just sort of falls in my lap!

I think this living room is classy and uber chic. what I love most about it is how it is divided into separate purpose filled zones. The library/ reading space, the gorgeous grand piano, and the main social area. Inspiring!

Since I didnt post a living room yesterday, here is another one of my favs with separate zones.

This one belongs to Christiane Lemieux of DwellStudio. I loved the photographs of her nyc loft featured in domino mag a while back.

ps: im all cashed out today, and its only tuesday! one more post coming up and im calling it a day! xo

interiors; living rooms

The first thing that caught my eye about this chic living room was the beaded silver throw cushion on {left corner of} the couch. I have the exact same ones on my couch. I found in them on my last trip to New Delhi. I also have a black and white throw cushion similar the one of the far right corner, as well as a similar couch and coffee table. That got me thinking about how easy it would be for me to recreate a similar look for my living room. I love the pairing of a cool color like grey with warm mustards and creams and mixing in black and white. And how stylish is the barbara barry cocktail table? It makes for an inviting yet chic social area dont you think?

image: style at home

interiors; living rooms

I was going to start with another living room but decided to hold off on that one for a bit.

This upper east side living room is not the kind of style I usually blog about. It takes itself a bit too seriously and while I like the pops of orange, I still feel it lacks character. Its not just the monochromatic furniture, all the pieces are stylish. I guess I find it elegant but slightly boring. I dont mind the monochromatic furniture because most of the pieces are stylish. It doesnt seem like a fun room to socialize, I would be worried sick of spilling or staining. It also needs a shot of energy.

I would love to spend time reading in such a room though. What do you think?

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