photographer; mark burstyn

I was out all day today finally crossing off an item that has been on my to-do list FOREVER! Go see a doc. part of the “take better care of myself” new year resolution; get routine medical check-ups and stay healthy. I am terrified of needles and end up procrastinating seeing a doc until I have to. I overcame some of that fear and went for it. Mostly because it makes sense to get all this done while I have the time.

While waiting in the ridiculously SLOW lines, I was replying to emails, and blog surfing via my iphone {almost wishing I had not changed my mind  about bringing the macbook} when I  found photographer mark burstyn‘s portfolio over at dti. Where I spend A LOT of my time : -)  oh and a belated happy birthday kim. stay awesome.

Mark’s interior pictures are an instant pick-me-up. I love the composition, the styling and of course his versatility as a photographer.



outdoor space decor. i am really into adding lights and lanterns when entertaining outdoors.


anyone know where this rug is from?


love this color palette and the elegance of the decor


I want this kitchen!


i have a similar pendant light waiting to be installed in my front porch. i kind of like it in the bathroom too.


doesnt glamming up closets makes all your stuff look so fabulous?

see more of mark’s work here

images: mark burstyn