Library in Kazakhstan

I haven’t been updating you with architecture related posts that I write on 2modern‘s design talk on Tuesdays. I’ll try to change that. Today, I talked about a new library in Astana, Kazakhstan by BIG Architects. This library has spectacular views of the city and will house not just books but also space and time. Even more fascinating is the design of the building itself!  Its disk-like structure comprises four archetypes – the circle, the rotunda, the arch and the yurt, each of which merge to form a Mobius strip. A Mobius Strip as defined on Wikipedia is a surface with only one side or one boundary component. Here the design forms a spiraling circle around a vertical core and the structure’s curves so the interior becomes the exterior and the walls the roof and roof into walls. Wow!





Other interesting architectural projects around the world that I blogged about can be found on 2modern’s design talk. And Ill will try to do a summary here too.