Back to Nature – Botswana

Late last year I started to compile nature inspired holiday retreats. Places that are inspiring inside as well as outside. Places where you are in the midst of nature’s abundance.

Here is the first of those.

Place: Botswana, Safari Sandibe Lodge.

A place where organic architecture blends seamlessly with awe-inspiring landscapes. The perfect luxurious retreat for nature lovers. All the ingredients for outdoor and indoor entertaining. Picnics, cozy dinners, lazy breakfasts.

Picture credit Luxury Culture

I’m speechless. I’m already there. Enjoy your weekend.

Decorating with hens and chicks

I am so green right now…


My Hens & Chicks are the easiest home plants to maintain. I got them a few years ago from my mother-in-law’s garden in Colorado. They require virtually no fuss, just a bit of love. I grow a lot of these to decorate with around the house. They also make excellent hostess gifts. I keep a floating number and keep replenishing them. Best part, you can replant them as they are.

I found a nice close up of one from deerie65775



When we were in New Delhi this march, I was dying to go back to Fab India. They offer hand crafted products which help support and encourage good craftsmanship. Along with awesome organic tulsi and ginger teas, I picked up lots of scarves and linen. With our shopping, we got these tags. The tag is a recycled paper pouch with some seeds to plant a tree. I was really impressed with the simplicity. What a great way to make customers remember your experience.

plant a tree fabindia


tag FabIndia


Here is what the back reads:

“Greenhouse Effect, Ozone Destruction, Deforestation, Species Extinction, Toxic Chemical Problems, Nuclear Waste, Food Contamination…

Yet, Its Not Too Late to make amends…

Its TIME To Take A Stand, Be Responsible, Make a difference towards helping

LIFE Nurture EARTH. Join The Anthem,

Be A Life Warrior,

Plant A Tree….Save The Earth!”

It was as if it was talking directly to me. 🙂 I knew what I wanted to do then..

I haven’t planted the trees yet; our garden isn’t big enough. But I intend to soon in the future.

Oh and here are some home grown organic plants loving the arrival of summer time.

Hidalgo's Strawberry June08


Hidalgo's Roses June 08


We also have mint, basil, strawberries, rosemary, cilantro, parsley, roses, jasmine and tons of flowers…Thanks Paul for being their baghban.