Ikea PS unveils new products at ICFF

International Contemporary Furniture Fair, ICFF 2009, a world wide wonder for design disciplines is currently underway at New York City’s Jacob K. Javit Convention Center. Ikea PS introduced more than 20 new products at the expo. I thought I would start with the ones that stood out immediately. The fair is open to public on May 19.


Maskros. This dandelion inspired pendant light is my favorite. I cant wait to get one. When lit the shadows on the wall reflect a dandelion ready to be scattered by the wind.


IPS Hallar. Designer Maria Vinka was inspired by the way hills and mountains are drawn on a map. This seat is made of banana fibers, seagrass, cotton and steel


Brygga. Easy swivel chair was inspired by a pier


Vava. This light fixture was inspired by dried sea urchins -spiky weaving and discus shaped body is made from palm leaf and powder coated steel.


August. Leather and pine daybed or bench

What I admire about Ikea’s products is the clear focus on practical function, innovative designs, sustainability all at very economical prices. More products introduced by Ikea PS at ICFF 09 NY coming soon.

Happy Friday

I hope you all had a fab first week of the year! I certainly did. Even though I was sick, and sicker than I have been for a long time, I was motivated to come into work and start the year productively.

I am glad its Friday!! Loads of rest is on the cards for me, as is finally enjoying my Christmas pressies!

Before I leave here are some pictures of window displays that I took in my last trip to New York.

First off – Bergdof Goodman. I really liked some of these. I would have loved to view them more in detail but there were soooo many tourists and I absolutely hate crowds. The first and third ones are my fav.

Bergdof Goodman

Bergdof Goodman

Bergdof Goodman

Bergdof Goodman

Bergdof Goodman

Bergdof Goodman

Bergdof Goodman

The Star on Fifth

And LV. Um how should I put this? hmmm….yuk!

I didn’t see what store this was and I didn’t want to elbow my way through the sea of people to it. I know I liked the simplicity in the decor. If you know which store this, please comment. I think it was across the street from Van Cleef & Arpels.

Have a great weekend!

Hopelessly Devoted

Happy Monday. It is the last working day for me in 2008. Woohoo!! I am leaving to go to New York tonight and will be there for the next few days. It was in New York almost three years ago that Mr. Mochatini popped the big question a very unsuspecting me on a lovely Monday night. (Blush). An intimate tearjerker moment(s) followed by Champagne at The W. It was a memorable night and I’m very excited to be back there for our two year wedding anniversary. We both have the day off filled with surprises for each other..and I can’t wait!

New York is up there on my list to visit this time of the year right after Paris. All the holiday windows, the well lit trees on 5th….. and Central Park! Which also means, I will not be here on Mochatini. Boo, I know.  But you understand right? As always I will be back with food for design talk. Looking forward to the window hopping play dates. New York is really pretty this time of the year, with trendy window decorations everywhere! Fifth Ave here I come.

One place you wont find me is Times Square for NYE. I am allergic to crowds that size.

What is the one thing you would never want to do on NYE?  Where are you spending your new years eve? Do you think NYE celebrations are over-hyped?