Let’s go outside

While going through Mochatini’s archives, I came across this pic that I had posted back in Feb09.

While I like seeing Andre and Steffi together, I saved this pic because of the canopy bed by the pool. How awesome would it look in my backyard? VERY!!! They are the coziest day bed/ loungers EVER! I first came across one at a resort in Dubai and have wanted one since. They are the coziest day bed/ loungers EVER!



I created this inspiration board using the canopy bed for a glam summer party a while back.  They remind me of tiny sail boats. I pictured guests enjoying lounging in them, sipping mochatinis, party chitter chatter, lanterns and fairy lights gleaming…… The idea of having several of these at our wedding reception for guests to lounge around in had crossed my mind, but I didn’t find a place that rented these in Sonoma, CA. You can view the inspiration board on polyvore.com and look for mochatini.


I saw a similar one from PB at MakingItLovely but the canopy on that isnt adjustable. Having an adjustable canopy is awesome. You can have it up for protection from the sun, and down when you want to enjoy the night sky.  Then I found the Isla Outdoor Canopy Bed {the exact kind that I want} online at PatioProduction for $1600 with free shipping! Its wicker and the fabric is water resistant. yay. I have added this to the LOOOOOOONG list of items to buy when our budget allows!

PatioProductions also has one in orange, but it costs a lot more.

Have you come across this canopy bed from another vendor?